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Asperger's Syndrome in Relationships
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Fixed Perspective

In my thoughts at the moment I can’t get past the fixed perspective!

I’m thinking that this is a huge aspect of the conflict we experience in our relationships.

Aspies tend to arrive at an opinion or perspective as a result of their own logic and this then remains fixed.

Healthy relationships are about hearing and considering each other’s perspective, respecting each other’s views and finding outcomes that take into account a whole range of factors important and known to both partners together and individually.

But it seems an Aspie cannot consider an opposing or differing view to their own, believing their logic to have arrived them at an irrefutable position.  They can’t be wrong, so the partner has to be.  Two perspectives or views can’t co-exist.

Instead of a wider range of wisdom and experience to draw on for a better outcome for all, the field is narrowed to one view only.  This is actually dangerous and naïve in the bigger picture, and surely can’t be defined as a relationship either.

December 2014
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